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Under the motto Total creative freedom, each composer in this disk embarked on the exploration of bassoon sounds. Historias brings together six works. Éter, by Lucio Barquero, traverses the entire bassoon spectrum, inspired by other sound possibilities, such as synthesizers and progressive rock guitars. El Rey Roble, by Gabriel Morera, constructs a motive to travel through the instrument’s own resources; it increases sound tension and destroys the motive with multiphonics and, thus, represents the myth of the character. Sombra y luz seeks human emotions; Sandra Duarte draws on thematic ruptures and color fluctuations to recreate emotional states between two characters of a rather distinct nature: the bassoon and the viola. Sergio Delgado departs from the character assigned to bassoon in canon repertoire. Burlesque offers a reading of both bright, melancholic sounds and the composer’s own interest on melodies. From a cell travelling in different directions, tempo, textures and registers of bassoon, Daniel Garrigues explores specific sonorities in Soliloquio. In Homenaje a Ciudades Invisibles, Otto Castro finds similarities between bassoon and city sounds, and transfers that likeness into concrete sounds of an urban reflection.
Zúñiga begins with the title and the musical text to tell his own version. Together with the performance, then ventures into narrating with words the idea behind each piece, thus suggesting a listening guide supported by graphic art especially designed for each story. His audience will choose from taking the suggested paths, going beyond sounds, or listening to each work as a story of sounds in themselves.

Dra. Tania Camacho-Azofeifa

Historias is an excellent collection of fascinating new music by some very talented composers performed by highly skilled musicians from Costa Rica. Zúñiga-Chanto plays beautifully and demonstrates his significant achievements as a professional bassoonist, particularly in respect to contemporary music making.

Review by Daryn Zubke

The Double Reed, Vol 41, No. 2, 2018

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Art: Ana Gross Somarribas

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In this recording is included the work by Otto Castro, "Homenaje a Ciudades Invisibles", for bassoon and electronics


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